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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find a selection of questions that our support desk has received.

I cannot find the device that is running in Tunes-mode when I am connection with the remote. What is going wrong?

  • Please make sure that both your Desktop and iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad both are on the same WiFi network, that you have no firewall on your desktop or in any of the routers blocking Bonjour. If that doesn't work, disabling Bluetooth on the iPhone and performing a reset might help.

Can Tunes Remote control video, if so how do I setup the device to do so?

  • When using Tunes Remote you can add videos to the application on the device you want to remote control (connect iDevice to the computer using the usb cable): open iTunes -> select your device -> select Apps -> scroll to File Sharing-> Select Tunes Remote -> now add videos to the application ('add' button)

Which iOS versions does Tunes Remote support?

  • Both devices should have iOS 3.0 or higher installed. (If you have a 1st generation iPod Touch and do not have iOS 3.0 or higher installed at the moment, please check out this link)

Are you planning on developing Tunes Remote for any platform other than iOS?

  • For now there are no plans to support other operating systems than Apple iOS (and OSX for the desktop remote).

Can Tunes Remote control multiple applications at the same time?

  • Tunes Remote can only control one device in Remote-mode at the time.

Can I purchase the application once and run it on multiple devices?

  • Tunes Remote for iPad and Tunes Remote for iPhone & iPod Touch are two separate Apps. If you want to run the application on an iPhone as well as on an iPad you will need to purchase both applications.

When playing radio, the connection is experiencing delays. If I wait a short while the audio stream continues playing. What is wrong with the connection?

  • Please check if your device is connected to a wireless network, 3G network or GSM network. If you are connected to a working WiFi connection, please check if there aren't any downloads or other processes using up a big part of your bandwidth. When you have a slow connection on a 3G network it could be that your service provider is experiencing problems with their network. When on a GSM network, your the bandwidth will not be sufficient to support streaming radio.

If you have another question regarding Tunes Remote that is not yet featured in the F.A.Q. section you can ask your questions at