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Remote control your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone's music library! Note: to control iTunes on your Desktop you would want to use the Apple 'Remote' App. Tunes Remote works the other way around: it lets you control your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Required ingredients:

  • An iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to play the music from the remote controlled music library, running Tunes Remote in 'Tunes' mode
  • Your iPad or another iPod Touch or iPhone running Tunes Remote in 'Remote' mode (or the Tunes Remote Desktop, this will only work with WiFi)
  • Both devices connected to the same stable local WiFi connection or two devices with Bluetooth
  • Ofcourse Tunes Remote can also function as a sole mp3 player or streaming radio player when no other device running the Tunes Remote App is present.


  • Multiple Remote devices can control one Tunes (player) device
  • Album list with album art
  • Playlists
  • Artist list
  • Song list (by album, artist / album, playlist or all songs)
  • All lists have a fast-access index and search box
  • Album, artist and time information for all songs
  • Volume indication/control
  • Progress indication/control
  • Repeat (none, all, one track)
  • Shuffle (on or off)
  • Play/pause, next track, previous track
  • All controls are two way (changes made either on the player or on the remote are immediately shown on the other)
  • Full landscape support

Contact us at if you have any issues. We do test our software and will need information to solve your specific problem.